20 Custis Street
Aberdeen, Maryland
2016 - 2017 Youth Leagues
Season starts Sat after Labor Day. Call 410-272-3555 for details

Program is divided into 4 age groups:
LeagueAge/GradeGames BowledStart Time
BantamsAges 6 to 8210:30am
PrepsAges 8 to 5th Grade311:30am
Middle SchoolGrades 6 - 8311:30am
High SchoolGrades 9 - 12311:30am

All leagues are mixed, handicapped and certified by the Youth division of the United States Bowling Congress. The Bantam and Prep leagues will use a singles/doubles format with partners changed each week based on attendance. The Middle & High School leagues will have regular teams formed based on individual abilities, with equality of competition between teams the priority. Bowling shoes and appropriate weight bowling balls provided. Coaches on the floor every week. Weekly high score and achievement awards and recognition based on individual progress. Eligibility for USBC scholarship and house tournaments. Holiday and end of season parties. Discounts on practice. End of season trophies for all bowlers.

Registration fee: $20.00 - includes USBC certification fee ($17.00) and first day of bowling. Registration begins 30 minutes before bowling time.
Weekly fee: $8.25  per week bowled  ($5.75 for Bantams)
Bowlers do not pay for weeks missed.